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Главная Eng Welcome to my official astrological website!

Welcome to my official astrological website!

If you are reading this you are interested in 

  • astrological and psychological aspects of your life, better understanding yourself and your potential and ways of your personal development. 
  • Or you are depressed and stagnant and you are looking for guidance in resolving specific questions. 
  • Or you need the root causes of your past or events happening to you. 
  • Or you are eager to harmonize your life or to be in charge of your fate. 
  • Or you are in doubt and can’t make a decision.  
  • Or you are just curious and you are on this website by accident, but as you know there is nothing accidental in our life.  


The questions can be divided into two levels

  • psychological  (how to behave, develop yourself). 
  • prognostic (What is going to happen?) We work on what is the most relevant  for you at present. 


Astrologyisuniversalandabletoansweranyquestionsofyours - frompsychologicaltodomestic 

  • Should I run a business? 
  • Should I build a house or make do with an apartment? Can I trust my business partner? What personality traits should I work on? 
  • Where should my child study? What to do with my husband’s alcohol addiction? What hobby is right for me? What style to choose for my apartment? Weather to stay in this marriage or not? 
  • Why do we never see eye to eye with my mom? How to stop hating all men 
  • Should I move abroad? Is it going to be easy? Where to move 
  • Is there a catch in the job interview tomorrow? 
  • My brother drives me crazy! How to deal with that? 
  • Should I take a loan? Will I be able to pay it back?
  • I want to kill my wife’s cat 


It’s curious that willing to find these answers you are consciously modifying the quality of your life and working on yourself. And astrology can tell you how to do it and at what level. That’s why  first of all you need to understand that you may ask me any questions no matter how confusing or absurd you find them. 



  • date 
  • city  
  • and time of your birth 

(If you don’t know the exact time, fill out the questionnaire) 

  • send your question on WhatsApp or by email 



  • to help a client see the bigger picture, 
  • to understand the issues of a client and give them an opportunity to answer their own questions, 
  • to illustrate their potential and possible future within the karmic path!


With love, astrologer Tasha