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My story



When my grandmother was dying, she gave me her psychic abilities. She was 105 years old and I was 5.  At 6 years old I had my first psychic experience.  800 miles away my cat jumped under a car. And I felt that.

At early age I felt overwhelmed by the vision and astral experiences I didn’t know how to understand and process. For a while I was trying to block my abilities, but people who heard about me came to me for help and advise.

I could say, I spent 20 good years trying to avoid and hide who I am and my connection with Angels, I was ignoring the signs |of the God and suppressing my intuition. As a result - my health got worse, I started getting terrible headaches and ended up with whole body paralyses.

That was a turning point in my life. I left successful business and let myself do what I really came-for to this planet.  I began experimenting with different ancient practices, reiki, meditations, Taro, NLP, palmistry, science of Castaneda... and finally I found Astrology!!!

That’s where I found myself and experienced complete rebirth, I dove into the matrix of the Universe and intensive work with clients and self. 

I got completely recovered from my headaches  and  paralyses, realizing that my paralyses was my out-of-body-experience in astral  world in a wrong  way.

I started working with occultism, astrology, energies, astral traveling. These practices together with my natural abilities helped me to create my own complex approach. It consists of professional astrology, magic and healing. This three-dimensional approach gives deep understanding and allows to find the root of the problem and key tools to resolve it.

I believe that every individual can direct their own destiny through acceptance and understanding of their matrix and working with their karma! Every astrologer can be a creator of their Universe and change their own life and lives of others for better! Every person can experience joy of knowing and having instruments in their hands to their success and health! 

Live in joy and experience all energies of the Universe going through you.

Take care! 

With love, your astrologer, Tasha