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1. Bachelor’s degree in pre-school education and psychology  

2. Master’s degree in Educational Management 

3. an astrologer - a researcher at Moscow Academy of Astrology  

4. a practicing astrologer since 2010 (in Moscow) 

5. a regular speaker (from 2016 to 2019) at astrological conferences “Neva Forum” (Saint-Petersburg),  academic conference at MAA (Moscow), conferences organized by Viktoria Levochskaya(Saint-Petersburg),    and conferences of a school ‘11th house’ ( Limassol)/ The reports are available at my website and websites of the educational institutions. 

6. an organizer of the project “Uran Award” www.premiumuran.ru

7. a teacher at Tatyana Volkova’s online school (www. astrosotis.ru) 

8. a teacher at online astroschool «11 House»;

9. an expert at TV program “Drugoy mir” (Another world) (Ren TV channel), the web portal Lisa and the Moskovskii Komsomolets newspaper. 

10. International TV Lotus Award winner as “The best astrologer of 2017” (www.lotus-premium.ru