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Astrological services

     Astrological consultations online.

All prices in US dollars.

A consultation lasts from 1 to 2 hours. Every case is individual so there are no strict time limitations.

The natal birth chart (your opportunities and potential - calculation of personalized horoscope for a lifetime).

This is a full personalized horoscope at the moment of birth, including:

  • a psychological portrait of a person (self-esteem, intellect, talents, level of current physical embodiment).
  • opportunities to build a career, features of one’s professional activity 
  • finances and attitude (toward the money) 
  • an ability to start a family; 
  • the place of love in person’s life 
  • illnesses and dispositions to diseases; 
  • relationship with parents and children; 
  • immigration process; 
  • risks, fears and insecurities/


















And much more by client’s request. Prices vary depending on difficulty of a chart in general. One chart can take me an hour, another could take days and still need to put a lot of efforts to disclose the chart completely.













The matrix and karma.   

If you want to know the answers to questions: “The meaning of my life?”, “What did I come to this planet for?” “My life purpose?”. 



If you want to know the answer to the question: “The meaning of my life?”, “Why do I live?” “My destiny?”

 Building of cosmogram

(without knowing the exact time a person was born) !!!!!!!!!!!!

(technique of cycles, degrees, solar horoscope)



Child natal birth chart. 

It includes the same as an original natal chart but marriage and love issues. 

It is not a prognosis of the future. The chart discloses specifics and recommendations of raising a child. 


By parents’ request I concentrate more on psychological aspects of child’s development or their future career-path.

Annual horoscope (beginning from birthday each year) (Solar-Progressions-Directions-Transitions). 



The second request after I have your Natal chart -  $200

Relocation of Solar - selection of a favorable city for spending Birthday (or moving).  


Depending on the number of the cities. Plus $60 for every additional city. 

Super-solar (magic of solar cycle happening in every 33 years). This ritual allows to change a person’s life completely. Don’t miss out your super solar (your 33 or 66 birthday). The preparation (подготовка) begins in advance. For more information send me your request/


Complex horoscope - natal chart + annual horoscope for the next year. (The first time a client gets a discount).




Synastry (horoscope of compatibility in marriage, partnership, friendship). A perspective of relationships with business or life partners.  

A composite - a prediction of possible development of business or personal relationships. 


$50 off - when I have a natal chart of at least one person.

Analysis of business relationship

From $200 (depending on the number of partners).


Electional (event) astrology helps to find out the best time according to the movement of planets for any major event in life like a wedding, opening a business, purchasing a house, making business transactions in order to achieve the best possible outcome. 

$200 depending on the difficulty of the question


Business astrology. Analysis of business activities of firms, companies and individual entrepreneurs. 

(When to make an important step, what decisions and tactics will bring me to the desirable result) 

from $400+ depending on the number of employees  


Staff recruitment

from $150+ depending on the number of employees 


Analyzing activity of an executive or an employee. 


Elective - calculation of the right day and time for making deals



Career-horoscope - An analysis of the best possible occupation for one’s personal development. It answers questions about a choice of profession, an importance of career, the most suitable education and so on. 

Revision of the way of life. 

Professional reorientation. 







Thematic maps of astrological career guidance. $150
Elective is the time of choice for quitting smoking $150  

Marriage issues and issues of getting married.


Karmic analysis of pregnancy issues. 

Adoption, custody. 


Should I adopt a child? Will I be able to parent him/her?



Problems of childbearing (karmic analysis)

Adoption, custody. Do I need to take a child? Will I be able to raise him?




Karmic analysis of Natal chart.



Astrology and numerology of the name. 


Creating a nickname or giving a new name.



Choosing a lucky name for a newborn.



Should I take my husband’s last name or not? 


 All joking aside that’s a very serious question.  

Last name also carries energy which is able to change your life dramatically. So it is reasonable to ask for an astrological consult and get an answer from a neutral person.

Immigration process

(Should you relocate? Selection of a country favorable for a new place of residence).  

from $150 (depending on the number of the countries) 


Obtaining a citizenship, work authorization, Green Card. Decisions regarding staying in specific country, city




Choosing the place or area for buying/building a house or renting a place for business (choosing the place from the existing offerings, directions of the specific city and country).


Astrological Feng Shui - a style, an interior for a house/apartment based on the personalized Natal chart.



Spiritual cleaning of a place from negative influences.


 Additional travel fee


(Urgent situation, Force Majeure)



Rectification of the chart. 

from $150 to $400 

(depending on time range)

Resolving psychological and mental issues. 

from $150 per hour 

Mental illnesses (specifics, tendencies). Does my child have a mental illness? Is it schizophrenia?  

from $150 per hour

Physical abuse (karmic preconditions, ways to recover from depression and ways out of the event)



Should I drive a car? (Risks, fears, obstacles)



Horary question.

Horary is an ancient type of astrology helping to answer specific questions a person has. I will make a chart at the moment when asked, then I will give you a conclusion regarding the most possible outcome. 

So, you’ve decided to ask a horary question, what should you do: 

Call me (or text) and ask a specific question. 


My phone numbers are 7-967-156-0469 or +1-818- 697-2116 

We note the time when the question was asked together. 


Please also send your email address so I can answer you within the next 24 hours. 

Pay for the service via PayPal tashaigoshinala@gmail.com 


After receiving the answer you can call or text me for clarification if you have any questions. 

Most of my regular clients prefer receiving a quick answer in the next 20 min, that’s why I respond by phone right away (an urgent request is slightly more expensive - $40) 

Other clients, because of trust to me, prefer receiving an answer in next 1-2 hours by text.

Medical horary - finding a specific reason of illness. 



Do you feel a physical pain but don’t want to go in hospital? Contact me and we will try to find out a reason of your pain. 

Medical horoscope. 


Diagnosis and prevention.

Calculation of fertile days (desired pregnancy)

from $180


Healing - working with an Astral body.

1 session (lasts about 2 hours) 


Additional travel fee


  • Prices are up for discussion. There is an exception from any rule. 
  • Paying for astrological services it’s a material equivalent of the energy which I spent to fulfill your request, it’s an energy exchange between you and me. It’s a difficult process to make a balance between giving and receiving and when something is uneven on the energy level it reflects on my or your health.
  • The cost of the job varies depending on the request, psychological health of the client and difficulty of the situation.